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Picture this: You’re in your pajamas, eating popcorn. You turn on the TV. Is this a regular Tuesday night, or a moment that could shape the future of media? When you join our panels or complete our surveys, it’s the second one. 

Each and every one of us is an important part of the media audience. Whether you use media daily or every now and then, you’re making a statement about what you enjoy. 

It would be impossible to hear from everyone in a community, city or region who makes up an audience. That’s why the media industry–from the TV networks and streaming platforms with hit dramas to the advertisers and brands of those catchy jingles–puts their trust in Nielsen. 

We’re committed to representing everyone. And when you participate in Nielsen panels and surveys, your choices can help businesses give you–and people like you–more of what you’ll love, and move the media industry forward. 

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