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Study of the TV audience in Ukraine

Since 2014, the Nielsen Company has been a TV panel operator in Ukraine, providing research into the preferences of TV viewers. The data obtained from the research panel Nielsen, together with the data of the Communication Alliance, is the basis for determining the TV ratings in Ukraine by the Industrial Television Committee (ITC), which it provides to the market. 

Also, since the middle of 2012, a special study aimed at clarifying information about the availability of television equipment and the possibility of receiving television channels in the general population, clarifying the socio-demographic characteristics of television viewers and extrapolating the size of the TV audience of Ukraine, and which is a source of information for the needs of TV panels, carried out by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology.

We’ve been measuring what people view, buy and listen to for decades.

We began measuring radio audiences in 1942 and began measuring television audiences in 1950. Much of our data comes directly from the consumers themselves – participants in the Nielsen television panel. Participating households are the basis of the reliability of our information.

The opinions and experiences of participants in all Nielsen panels, including the TV panel, broaden our view of the market and ensure that our research accurately reflects the consumer and media habits of the Ukrainian population.

You may be, or have already been, invited to participate in a Nielsen study, and we encourage you to accept our invitation.

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This is how we have grown since the 1920s.

What are television ratings?

Many people are familiar with the Nielsen television ratings. TV ratings play a significant role because they tell the media and advertising communities how many people watched a particular program – key information for everyone from brands and advertisers to television networks.

Television rating is the percentage of a specific population group that watched a certain piece of television content or advertising. In the television industry, this can be anything from a comedy or sports program to prime-time news.

Why should my family be on the nielsen panel?

By becoming a member of the NIELSEN TV panel, you will be able to …

Have the opportunity to be heard and represent your group of the population of Ukraine in television ratings.

By becoming a member of the Nielsen panel, you help the media and advertising communities gain insight into what programs you and people like you are watching.

Maintain confidentiality.

Your participation in the Nielsen panel is confidential and no participant in the TV study can be identified.

Receive our thanks.

Participation in the Nielsen panel will cost you nothing! On the contrary, as a token of appreciation, you will receive gifts for your continued participation in Nielsen research.

We value your input and we protect your personal data.

Our research and analysis of consumer needs helps to contribute to the decision-making process of brands and content providers, etc. Your participation is very important for these organizations, which have a significant impact on the formation of consumer needs.

We value your input and we protect your privacy. Nielsen will never use your personal information to advertise, promote or sell third party products or services to you. We will not give the right to use, publish or sell any information we collect from you, such as: your name, contact phone number, email address, postal address, etc.

How and why was my family selected to participate in the panel?

Your family participated in a large study, during which interviews were conducted with more than 30 thousand families throughout Ukraine. From the complete list of families, with the help of statistical methods, those families were selected that, according to their characteristics, can represent the entire population of Ukraine within the scope of the study.

Thus, your family is one of 1000 households carefully selected to create the Nielsen Television Audience Research Panel. You represent households in Ukraine that are similar in their characteristics.

Reviews of participants of the nielsen television panel

Yulia, 32 years old: “At first I thought that research would take a lot of time, especially since I hardly watch TV. After meeting with representatives of the Nielsen company, I realized that all I need to do is press the button on the remote control when turning on the TV. I have been participating in the program for more than a year, I am satisfied with the cooperation and the gifts that I receive every six months.”

Yuriy, 43 years old: “I immediately agreed to participate, I have known about the company for a long time, that it is represented in many countries of the world. My relatives in Germany have repeatedly told me about such research, which is being conducted to improve the ether.”

Kateryna, 78 years old: “I am very satisfied with my participation, although at first I took the offer to participate in the research not seriously. I thought that it was only for young people and that my opinion was not interesting to anyone and would not affect anything. During 8 months of participation in the research, I was convinced that this is not a problem for me. The girls who call me from the company are very polite, always help to solve any question, congratulate me on all holidays, and also send gifts every six months. My family now eats bread made in their own bread machine (a gift from the company).”

Contact information for Nielsen panel members

FREE hotline phone number: 0 800 309 333

Frequently asked questions

By random sampling. We cannot ask every household to participate in the study, so we carefully select households in your area to represent the entire television audience. To be statistically valid, it is very important that families are randomly selected. Every household in Ukraine has a chance to be selected regardless of where it is located.

I work in the television industry (at a television station, television network, radio station, television company, or satellite provider). can i still be part of the study if nielsen contacts me?

No, unfortunately, no. We’re sorry, but our rules do not allow families where a member of the household works in the media.

Our regional representatives are highly qualified professionals who want to tell you about an exciting opportunity to participate in the NIELSEN study. All our representatives carry a photo ID for their identification. If you are not sure about the person who came to your house, you can call us on the free hotline number 0 800 309 333.

Contact us on the free hotline number 0 800 309 333. Our representatives will be happy to answer your questions.

NIELSEN representatives will always identify themselves by name. If you have any doubts, you can call us on this toll-free number: 0 800 309 333.

Your information is transferred directly to our servers and is not distributed to other members in any way. It is very important for us to keep the information about your views confidential; we do not disclose any personal data about TV viewing.

In addition to a huge contribution to the ratings of Ukrainian television, you will receive gifts for your participation. All we need is for you to watch TV as usual.

Absolutely not. Information about your family is strictly confidential.